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    The company has a maternal and child care、Thousands of infant and young child rearing and domestic service personnel,We according to your actual requirements for you to match the suitable service personnel,So many choices,There is always a suitable for you!

    The company has a maternal and child care、Infant and young child rearing and domestic service personnel100People,We according to your actual requirements for you to match the suitable service personnel,So many choices,There is always a suitable for you!

    Company has a training services,Domestic service,Environmental services。At the same time,Company has its own production base, and agricultural products distribution services, etc!

    “Good mood”Engaged in domestic service for eight years,Praised by the masses of users,In the formation of good reputation in the domestic industry!

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    About us
    Chongqing culture communication co., LTD. Good mood

    Chongqing good housekeeping service belongs to the receiving culture communication co., LTD,Was established2010Years9Month1Day,In line with the aim of the five-star service for the general customers to provide a good nanny Month sister-in-law Parenting sister-in-law,With our sincerity Love let the customer trust Worry Shu xin! Company is mainly engaged in chongqing live-in,Chongqing cleaning cleaning,Agricultural and sideline products sales, and so on。Companies have to adapt to the needs of customers service,Let the customer more worry staff service。 The current domestic market mainly through the form of mediation system to provide clients with the nanny Its advantages are mainly about several aspects: 1:Simple and quick,Customer only need to provide your requirement for the nanny,Our staff according to your request,For you to choose the appropriate nanny Intermediary contracts,Charge a commission,Can enter a nanny,To carry out...

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    No domestic industry experience and method of average per capita a ly to join,No hard conditions,As long as you have the enthusiasm to participate in and line power,You can contact us,Our opportunity to give everyone。

    Partners only5-10Start-up capital of ten thousand yuan,The follow-up into less。

    Good housekeeping after continuous development,Soon widely throughout the city layout,Several partners can be involved in the whole city,Entrepreneurial opportunity is at home。

    Headquarters to provide brand support、Business support、Site support、Operation support、Training support、Project support、System support、The investment risk management support、Human resources development support, etc,Novice also completely don't have to worry about。

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